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How to Create an Awesome 5 Paragraph Essay

A 5 paragraph essay is not something very often written by professional writers. However, educators and instructors assign this type of writing very often both in college and university. Therefore, you have to be prepared to tackle this type of assignment with dignity. Obviously, such type of paper has to have strictly five paragraphs, including a decent introductory section, three body paragraphs, and a conclusive paragraph. A 5 paragraph essay has very specific and strict rules of writing it, which are covered further.


A 5 paragraph essay outline may be a helpful tool to begin with before you head on to the introduction. Your introductory section should discuss a general issue and slowly lead to a specific argument that relates to the initial problem. It is a called a central argument, or thesis. You can grab attention of your reader with a funny or serious but catchy statement at the end of introduction. A thesis statement should not be longer than one or two sentences, and it should be revisited throughout the essay. For instance, if you are defending the necessity to have airbags in cars, you can start with overwhelmingly disturbing cases or statistics related to car accidents caused by the absence of airbags. It might be a great grabber because the majority of your readers have heard about car accidents. The thesis would defend the need to have an airbag in every car, and three body paragraphs would support this claim with specific statements and examples.

Three Body Paragraphs

If you are wondering how to write a 5 paragraph essay and create interesting body sections, then remember to keep your focus on the thesis. Every body section has to go back to the thesis and expand on it. Moreover, each section has to begin with a lucid topic sentence, or a mini thesis, and be followed by the discussion which is relevant to the point. Additionally, try to add at least one example or illustration in every section of the body.


Some people use a 5 paragraph essay template in order to make sure that they adhere to all requirements. If you have reached your conclusion, then make sure to restate the thesis again in light of the above discussion. Expand your idea by the supportive statements which have been provided throughout the essay. Make sure that your conclusion is very strong because this is the idea that will stay with the reader after reading your essay. In essence, introduction may be the opposite of a conclusion as it starts with general points and becomes specific while conclusion does the contrary.


You can read a 5 paragraph essay example in case you don’t know how the transitionary words and phrases help create smooth flow of ideas. These words connect paragraphs and make your reader follow the ideas carefully. It is possible to place a transition at the end of the section, at the beginning of another one, or in these both places. Make sure to adhere to the following requirements:

  • Opposing transitions will demonstrate that your ideas are different (“on the other hand”)
  • You may want to emphasize the next idea more than the first one ("more importantly . . .")
  • You can expand on your previous ideas by using “moreover”, “additionally”, “what is more”, etc.

The last but not the least transition is the one from the third paragraph to conclusion. You can begin it with “to sum up”, “summarizing”, “lastly”, etc. The most important point to remember is the overall picture: if the paragraph or sentence seems to be out of place, it is better to add a transition and incorporate it well into the paper.


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