Additional Services Offered by

Progressive Delivery

If you want your papers delivered in parts, can accommodate you. This method is suitable for bulkier papers i.e. those from 10+ to 20+ pages (depending on whether you select single-spacing (10+ pages) or double-spacing (20+ pages) on the order form). This delivery method makes it much easier to manage larger papers. How is the progressive delivery method beneficial?

  • Orders are easier to monitor because they are delivered in parts. It gives customers the opportunity to review them, approve them, or request revisions before they fall due for submission.
  • Gives more time to request a free revision – up to 30 days (standard revision time is just 2 days).
  • Papers are written by appropriately-qualified writers and checked by expert editors.
  • Orders are overseen by a personal manager to a) facilitate timely communication between a customer and writer and b) to ensure satisfactory completion of orders.

How we deliver papers:*

  • Deadline = 4 days or less: 25% of order is sent when 50% of deadline is reached i.e. assuming you order 20 pages and set a deadline of 2 days, you will receive 5 pages after 1 day expires.
  • Deadline = 5-11 days: 25% of order is sent when 25% of deadline is reached and 50% of order is sent when 50% of deadline is reached.
  • Deadline = 12 days (or before this time): 25% of order is sent when 25% of deadline is reached, 50% of order is sent when 50% of deadline is reached, and 75% of order is sent when 75% of deadline is reached.

This costs +15% to the order price. * Occasionally, the above method may not suit you and you may prefer a different method of delivery. If this is so, just discuss your requirements with the supervisor assigned to your order and they will figure out a delivery method that matches your needs.

Additional Services for Small Orders

Extra options for papers that are less than 20 pages in length:

Extended Revisions

Everyone who uses writing service is offered a free revision as a standard part of our service, but they must submit their requests within 48 hours of receiving their order. You may, however, request an extension of 14 days if you need (or would like) more time.

Summaries – Have Your Paper Summed up in 1-Page will happily provide you with a 1-page summary of your paper where you can see the important points at a glance. This is an option we recommend to customers with reporting commitments.


Our company can also provide you with a 1-page draft version of your paper when we reach approximately half (50%) of the deadline. Drafts contain 600 words (single-spaced text) or 300 words (double-spaced).