Enjoy Our Generous Discounts

Our company is focused on providing customers with excellent services only. We want the cooperation with our clients to be effective. Therefore, we have created a special discount system. When receiving our discounts, you will enjoy using our services even more. With each ordered page, your discount rate will increase. Thus, there are no reasons for hesitating over whether it is worth ordering different types of assignments from our company or not. Our discount policy is aimed at bringing great advantages to every single customer of our agency. We always strive mightily to maintain strong and long-standing relationship with our clients. We believe that such generous discounts are one of the major factors that will make our clients cooperate with us for a long period of time.


for 30 pages


for 50 pages


for 100 pages


Please remember that the more pages you order, the more benefits you will get from our company. Keep in mind the following:

  • You will be offered a discount of 5% when the ordered pages make 30 in total. The received discount can be applied when placing the next order.
  • A 10% reduction on your future order is given when the total number of the ordered pages is equal to 50.
  • If your orders make 100 pages in total, you will be entitled to a 15% discount on subsequent assignments!