List of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Answers

There is an error of my order form submission, as the necessary page fails to update.

If your Internet connection works well, the problem might be related to the excessive attachment. We cannot accept files beyond certain uploading limits. If you need to attach many documents or the size of your file is atypical, please send them to our support agents directly via Live Chat or via email.

Can I edit my order details, such as its deadline/project category/length/level of academic complexity?

After you submit all the order details, you cannot edit them on your own.Yet, it is still possible to change your order information by addressing us directly. We will further adjust the price in accordance with renewed instructions. If the changes are significant, you will have to compensate for the difference.

Can I make my order lengthier than the initial essay I requested?

Even if you initially requested a smaller essay, you are allowed to extend it by placing a supplementary order. Follow the segment “My orders” on your profile to enable this option.

Support agents are also available if you need such alterations.

How will I find out that the chosen writer started working on my order?

You will be able to track the initiation of the creative process by your individual writer the moment we assign your order. The writer’s ID will appear in the section when the order details are highlighted.

Can you produce a draft of the prospective composition?

Yes, but the draft cannot be requested right away. You have to wait until your paper is 50% complete. Subsequently, you are free to request a draft of your essay at an additional rate.

Can I send a completed paper for revision?

For your convenience, we have provided a free revision period that is valid within 2 days after the order completion. However, such works as dissertations and larger projects may be allowed to have an extended revision period, up to 30 days.

If you intend to inform your writer about the revision request promptly, choose “My orders”, then go to the finished papers, find your order ID, and press “Revision request”. You also should provide separate instructions on the aspects of the paper that have to be improved. Select the most appropriate urgency. All additional questions should be addressed to Customer Care.

Can my contact details be easily changed on my profile?

Yes, you can edit your email, phone number, and password in the profile settings. To change your details, you must be logged in. At first, you need an option “Edit Profile”, and then you must “Save changes”.

Do you spend much time on seeking the appropriate writer?

It depends on the specifics of your discipline. However, it rarely happens that the most suitable writer is not available. It might take from 30 minutes to several hours to find the best specialist for your order.

What if I realize that my paper needs revision after this free option has expired?

If your essay type is ordinary and 48 hours after its completion expired, then please make a new order choosing “Revision” as its type.

Can I get it touch with my personal expert directly?

Yes,you can send various questions and remarks directly to your writer. Choose our messaging system or contact our Live Chat agents if the issue is urgent.

What is the best option to download the finished paper?

It can be easily downloaded from your personal account. The completed assignment will be located in the section “Orders” and its subsequent tab “Files”. We will also send a unique link to the order via email.

Can an expert in a certain field pass my text?

If your test is related to trendy academic disciplines, there are high chances that we will find a skillful holder of the highest scholarly degree to take your text online. There is a section “Online test” on our website – select it when placing the test order. Keep in mind: you should provide your chosen specialist with the required studying material. Also, there should be enough time for preparation, before the actual exam starts. Do not miss mentioning your time zone, as well as the date and time of the online test. After the scrupulous preparation, your assigned expert will be ready to pass an exam instead of you.

Do you provide assistance on coding?

We do not specialize in web development and related spheres. Our core focus is on writing services.

Can I get notified of all the order-related changes?

Some notifications are sent to all the customers. Besides ordinary emails, you may get SMS and even calls in case of urgency.

Will I see various stages of my order progress?

Yes, all the order-related details can be found on your profile. If you still see “Payment Verification” status, please check whether your payment was successful, as it has to be validated. If you paid, but the status has not changed, please send us the invoice of your bank transaction.

When you seethe “Processing” status, your payment has been accepted, and your expert started working on the research paper. The “Sent” or “Completed” status implies that the final paper has been uploaded to the system.

What is the timeframe of my order delivery?

We will upload it closer to the deadline. After we verify all the instructions, our work process starts. All the projects are completed on time.

Why cannot I submit my order despite filling in all the necessary details?

If the order placement error occurs, reload the page and exclude all the files you might have attached. Your files may be large for our system. However, it can be solved by sending your material directly to our email. Indicate the ID of your order to help us find your project easily.

Where should I review my uploaded project?

Once the deadline expires, it is a guarantee that the order has been uploaded. Go to the section “Files” to see all “Processing/Completed” orders to find your essay.

I have encountered a payment failure. How should I solve it?

We are not responsible for the payment error, as they usually tend to be technical ones. Please make sure your debit or credit card is valid or has sufficient sum on it. Contact your bank, as there also might be an issue on their side.

Can you inform me if my Writer completes the project long before the deadline?

Even if your order is done earlier, we will have more time to proofread it scrupulously. Moreover, sending you the work ahead of the deadline will cause the breach of our rules. Urgent orders cost more than the essays with longer deadlines.

Will I receive an email from your team upon the order completion?

Primarily, we will upload your finished paper to our system, making it visible on your profile. However, you will get an email with an additional link to your order. Therefore, you will not be able to lose it.

Does the option “Preferred Writer” entail an additional cost if the supreme level of writing is selected?

Yes. If you choose the Preferred Writer for your subsequent orders, you will have to pay more than for a writer we assign to you randomly. At any rate, this option reveals an advantage of getting your work done by one of our Top 30 Professionals. Your prioritized individual expert will necessarily be competent in the required field. Additionally, you will be delivered a report on plagiarism.If you are satisfied with the completed project by the exact writer and want this person to be your permanent assistant, our Writing Department will do their best to allocate that expert to your order.

I want to conceal my private phone number/address/email.

Some contact details, such as your phone number or home address, are not obligatory.Yet, it is unadvisable not to provide your email, as this is a convenient means of connection with you in case of urgent questions.

If I decide to share my personal details, will they be kept confidential?

Of course, our Privacy Policy is aimed to protect your personal information. It is in our best interest not to disclose any information about our clients. Our returning customers know that trustworthiness is one of our advantages. Usually, your personalized writer does not even know your name unless you decide to expose it, for some reasons.

Can I send multiple revision requests to my writer within the set free revision period?

Yes, there is a possibility to request multiple revisions until a free revision period expires.

What are the guarantees of authenticity? Will my paper be original?

Your project will be undoubtedly original, as it is produced according to your unique instructions. Every cited work is formatted correspondingly, depending on the preferred academic standards. To be on the safe side, we use an accurate plagiarism checker as the final touch to guarantee authenticity.

Who will be involved in my project’s creative process?

Our agency embodies professional writers, who have vast experience in managing diverse academic writing projects.The writer who has worked with your discipline numerous times will be in charge of your composition.

Can I track the editing/proofreading stage of my order?

You can request an in-depth editing option, i.e. “Get an order proofread by an editor”, which can be found in our VIP Services. You will surely know that your paper is being meticulously proofread. Adding the ultimate editing service takes only one step: choose it in the VIP section and include it into your overall order. After your Writer completes the whole investigation, turning into a finished work, the Editor will start checking the work to avoid any errors.

How can I be sure that the writing process has started?

After we receive your payment, the order status is automatically modified into “New”. After we find the most appropriate expert,the order is changed to “Processing.” When the completed paper is attached as a file into our system, you will see the final alteration of the order status: “Sent.”

If you want to receive immediate notifications regarding the status of your order, you should request an option of the VIP service: SMS notification.

I provided an incorrect deadline for my academic work. What to do if my due date is more urgent?

If you change urgency, especially when shortening the initial number of days for the order completion, you will have to compensate for it, as the writer will need to work faster. The cost of the compensation will depend on the extensiveness of your order as well as the level of urgency. Apparently, if the primary deadline was within 11 days and a new due date is within 2 days – you will have to pay for the 9-day difference. We calculate the charge reasonably, considering all the aspects of the order, and then send you a new payment link. Once you pay for the new urgency, hastier work processes will be implemented!

Can I request the writer who previously fulfilled my assignment?I think his/her skills and creative approaches suit my needs best. I would appreciate our further cooperation.

Yes, you can request the same writer. This is how you get closer to the option called the “Preferred Writer”. Find the expert’s ID in your previous work, and add them to your new order. Usually, there should not be any obstacle to assign a prioritized writer to your new-fangled essay. The only difference between selecting a regular writer and a preferred writer is paying 15% more. The expert of choice will obtain those extra fees personally.

Can you briefly describe your company’s duties?

We work to produce various written pieces for our clients, following the standards of outstanding quality. The moment you successfully place your order, our detailed creative cooperation starts.We choose the most becoming author to produce a paper according to your needs, and we work 24/7 to receive your calls, messages, and answer your questions. You can contact our support agents, asking about the corresponding updates on your order. Every finished writing process is followed by a diligent editing process. Besides, all the papers are scanned via the ultimate plagiarism tool. Consequently, a refined order is delivered on time.

What if my project demands higher academic complexity? Do you have an expert with Ph.D.? can boast of specialists with highest academic degrees. When it comes to sophisticated projects, we choose unsurpassed experts, who have worked with incredibly complex scholarly assignments. If you need a specialist with Ph.D., we will be able to make them responsible for your order. We suggest that you provide compound instructions beforehand so that we can see whether we have a suitable specialist.

How to explicate a payment failure?

There may be a few problems related to the order payment error. Check if your device functions well. If no glitch is evident, check the Internet connection and the relevance of your browser. If the error still occurs, check the validity of your card or contact your bank.

I clicked to submit an order, but the page keeps loading.

The most typical error when the page seems to go down is the wrong size of your files. Please contact our support agents to find out the optimal size for the attachments, or send us your material via email.

My credit card shows that I paid for the order, but your website still requires the payment.

If the money was taken from your card, then you definitely made a payment. Please send us the screenshot of the payment or an invoice. In some cases, you will need to provide your bank statement to our Financial Department. If the money was not taken for the order, try to pay again or contact your bank for advice.

I have doubts whether my project can be well understood by your writers. Can I send my instructions to you via email to make sure that I get a specialist in my sphere?

You are fortunate to ask this question, as we allow such an option! Please contact us, sending your preliminary requirements, and we will answer as soon as we communicate with our Writing Department.

Should I provide my genuine phone number or email address?

Genuine contact details help us to get in touch with you. We will never write to you unless the clarification is of high priority.

I requested an order refund. Will it take long to get my money back?

We typically do not out refunds “on hold”, trying to resolve those issues as soon as possible. You will have to wait for 3 or 5business days for the compensation.

Are there many ways to contact my expert?

There is an ultimate way to contact your writer – via our messaging system. Even if for some reason you cannot communicate with your expert directly, address our Customer Care, and they will pass all the required information immediately.

Will I instantly see my final paper?

Yes, as soon as the work is uploaded. The steps to find it:

“My orders”, “Completed orders”, “Order ID”, and “Files” (where it will be attached)

When will you attach my research paper to the system?

The order file will be attached according to the deadline. There is a tab “Delivery” after your order ID, which reveals the precise time when the paper was delivered.

Can my individual author buy a book I require for the research?

No, this is your responsibility to provide us with the necessary books and any other material.

All the attempts to submit my order fail.

If reloading the page does not help, check whether your attachments are not too large.To resubmit the order form, delete your previously attached files, and send them via email [email protected].

Should I pay for an extra page? I found out about it from my professor after you started working on my order.

Yes, an extra page should be compensated. Find the tab “Additional Order” located right next to your primary order, and proceed with the payment.If the supplementary page is related to the same paper, the two orders you placed will be interconnected.

I wrongly selected a longer due date. How to alter my deadline?

You can edit your deadline if you agree to pay for the difference of the days left for the order fulfillment. Before you make final adjustments, get in touch with support agents to make sure that the compensation sum is sufficient for you.

I cannot juxtapose my project’s topic with the offered types of assignments. What should I choose?

If you cannot identify the relatable assignment type, please contact our support agents for recommendations.

What is the level of originality in the papers produced by your experts?

Unlike some not very reliable custom writing agencies, our experts will never produce papers that are 50% original and 50% plagiarized. Your cooperation with us means total dedication, uniqueness of every work created, as well as scrupulous proofreading, which includes plagiarism detection. Your assigned professional works in accordance with your instructions, and the possibility of coincidences are excluded due to the fact that the team of experts are responsible for making your assignment original. In addition, once your work is delivered, you will be able to scan it by our checker – PlagiarismSearch. Mind that such a scanner as Turnitin is not used by us since it automatically saves the checked texts what makes it impossible to scan them twice.

I am worried about maintaining my confidentiality. What guarantees can I get?

Safeguarding your privacy is our major mission, as we understand the possible consequences of your private details’ disclosure. Besides, your professors and fellow students will never find out about your cooperation with

My paper is extremely important. I will fail the whole course if I do not turn it in on time.

You should not worry about the timeliness of the paper delivery via You are the one who designates the urgency, and your personal expert completes it according to the deadline. The set timeframe will never be breached.

Can I set my own price for the order?

Unfortunately, our clients cannot set their own prices. However, the rates for multiple types of orders can be easily calculated on our website. If you discover certain inconsistency with the offered price, please contact our LiveChat: the agents will review your request immediately. However, there are instances when prices are reduced. You, as a returning client, might start receiving special bonuses and discounts.

Can I contact my writer to ask certain order-related questions?

Yes, our messaging system allows such kind of communication. Send the necessary inquiries or requests to your expert whenever you have them. If, for some reason, your writer does not answer immediately, you can use toll-free numbers on our website to call our Support team.

The order form is frozen. Should I reload the page?

If your PC works fine, such a glitch might be caused by the files you were trying to upload. Please make sure you attach one file at a time. If the page keeps loading, restart your browser, and start filling in the order form anew. It is always favorable to address our online assistance if you encounter such errors.

I have an online test soon. Can I find a specialist who can urgently pass my 1-hour exam?

It can be complicated to find a suitable expert if you did not order prior preparation for the exam from us. You should contact our support team to find out whether a suitable specialist is available before placing your order.

Can bonus credits be made equivalent to the monetary refund? How are those credits further applied?

Yes, you can transform the refunded money into credits. However, you cannot do it on your own. Address our support agents or Financial Department via [email protected], asking them to provide credits for you instead of a usual refund. The moment we evaluate and approve your request, you will see the credits on your profile. It means you will also get access to an option to pay for your next order using bonuses.

What is the most appropriate timeframe for my order? When will you upload the final version?

You choose the timeframe on your own according to your needs – we cannot provide the urgency, as you are the one who must hand in a completed assignment. Harsh deadlines cost more than prolonged ones. However, even if you choose as little as24 hours, the assigned writer will work quickly and efficiently to meet your deadline. You will instantly see the paper in your account after we upload it. Not to miss it, you will get a notification reminding you that the work was done.

I cannot identify the type of my essay. Can you help me?

If you fail to discern the assignment type, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care for suggestions. Our experts will read your instructions to put your order in the closest contextual category.

I have never worked with your agency before. How can I make sure that the quality you offer is truly unrivaled?

The supreme writing quality is our priority and guarantee.The majority of our specialists have Master and Ph.D.’s degrees in all the possible areas studied nowadays. We have worked with miscellaneous essays, articles, extensive research projects, literary pieces, and dissertations for many years. Despite our honorable experience, we easily adjust to modern academic trends. Feel free to look through our Samples page to see how diligently and harmoniously our writers and editors work.

Can I have my project completed prior to the deadline I initially requested?

We do our best to meet all the deadlines. However, it is highly advisable to identify the correct timeframe when you fill in your order form. If you still need to shorten the due date, you will have to pay for the discrepancy. Please get in touch with our agents to find out the exact price of the compensation.

Who are experts in charge of my academic projects?

Every essay or more extensive project is completed by an experienced writer or even an academician. Such an impressive expertise is a guarantee of sublime papers.

Can I send preliminary inquiries regarding my assignment before I place the actual order?

If you have doubts regarding the necessary knowledge our experts possess to complete your project effectively, do not hesitate to contact our Live Chat or email our 24-hour Support team via [email protected]. Besides the inquiry itself, please upload the instructions that need to be scrutinized.

Which factors predetermine the cost of my assignment?

The algorithm is simple: the more pages you order, the more you pay for your overall project. Shorter works with high urgency and of the highest academic levels are also evaluated correspondingly, costing more than the typical essays. You can estimate the charge for your potential order in the section “Prices”.

Do I have several options to obtain my final paper?

There are two convenient variants to open a completed order: via your personal account at and via email (we will send a link to your project).

I wrote an essay partly. Can your professional complete my research?

Yes, you can place an ordinary order with instructions to continue your partly composed paper. If you encounter any misunderstandings, please address the representatives of our Customer Care.

Do you work without weekends?

Yes, we work in shifts to provide our customers around the globe with timely assistance.

Can I place an order with a tight deadline?

Yes, our writers are able to cope with “hot orders” that should be completed within several hours. Nonetheless, to find the writer with the suitable expertise for you, please consult with our support agents before ordering straight from the website.

My order was assigned to a different writer. I want to continue cooperating with my previous expert.

As you order from not for the first time, you can see the ID of the writer who composed your previous essay. Please specify your preferred writer when placing a new order and he or she will be assigned to work with you again!

What if I read the finished paper and realize it needs to be revised?

It rarely happens that our skillful authors misunderstand the instructions or omit the necessary research aspects. In any case, we provide revisions free of charge if you can explicate the reasons behind your dissatisfaction with the result during the first 48 hours after the order delivery. Only new paper guidelines need to be paid for.

Can you guarantee the advancement of my academic rating?

It is impossible to guarantee that even the finest composition done by our best writer will make you a valedictorian. Grades depend on subjective decisions of your professors. We do promise to adhere to your guidelines and produce an ingenious paper of highest quality.

Can I additionally check my paper for plagiarism to see whether there are no similarities?

We produce unique academic projects, using a special plagiarism detection software to eradicate sudden coincidences. Yet, you can also order one of our VIP services, namely “The Plagiarism check”. Once you have done this, you will be able to get any of your texts tested during a year at no extra cost. Your papers will be scanned by the state-of-the-art plagiarism checker