Free «Community Project: American Heart Association Walk» Essay Sample

Community Project: American Heart Association Walk

I took part in the American Heart Association walk in Miami to raise funds for the treatment of heart and stroke conditions. The community event took place on the 22nd of November. The objective of this community experience was to raise funds. American heart association organizes the heart walk every year. The fundraising target for this year was $800000 (American Heart Association, 2015). Many people registered to take part in this event. Registration was primarily done through the online platform. The participants were divides into different groups; I was in a group called Blue Angels. My team walked a total of five miles. Although the day was cloudy, it was fun to participate in the event considering that our team raised a total of $8000. My personal contribution was $80. This walk helped raise awareness on the importance of exercise and good diet to curb heart-related diseases. There were a total of 300 groups participating in the walk in different regions of America.

The American Heart Association in Miami targeted the whole community. The heart walk also took place in many other states in America. The objective was to increase people’s awareness on the heart disease and raise funds. Statistics indicates that heart disease is the number one killer in America. Many people are vulnerable to the heart conditions because of a poor diet and lack of exercise. Smokers and those who take large portions of alcohol are most affected by the heart disease. The walk was also to sensitize Americans on stroke which is the number five killer in the country. The walk was attended by the young and the old alike. People were encouraged to donate any sum of money, whether small or big. We also asked those we met on the streets to join use in the heart walk. The event was also aired on television to help spread publicity on heart diseases. Some people also told their stories of heart attacks and recovery. Moreover, we received booklets with the information on keeping a healthy heart.

The American Heart Association walk in Miami was an awareness program as well as a fund raising event. Health awareness and education is very necessary in life. It is much easier and affordable to prevent the occurrence of a disease then treat it (Weinstein, 2008). My team was given various booklets and hand bills which contained information on a good diet, physical exercise, and heart checks. The American Heart Association also planned a television program to advice on effective heart management practices. The heart walk also helped raise close to $800000 dollars. The American Heart Association uses this money to improve facilities as well as sponsor patients who are not able to pay for their heart treatments. The money is also used to raise awareness on heart diseases and print literature that is helpful in reducing the rate of these conditions. American Heart Association also partners with other organizations across the world to spread awareness on heart diseases.

The heart awareness campaigns carried out during the heart walk make it a primary mode of intervention. The money raised from the event is channeled towards health advocacy organizations. The campaign encourages people to stop smoking and embrace physical exercise at least five times a week if they desire to have healthy hearts. These pieces of advice are helpful in maintaining a healthy heart hence fall under primary intervention. American Heart Association also carried out heart checks of Americans in the process of the walks. Some teams are set up in different locations to speak to people and check their heart rates and blood sugar levels. The objective of the health walk day is to reduce the cases of heart diseases and stoke in the world.