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Macomb County and the Influential Factors of Its Health

Health is an important factor in the society. The position is held because health contributes to societies’ well-being and productivity. Poor health results in a number of factors. It is noted that ill health leads to a negative impact in the society. Diseases do not always arise from bacteria and other microorganisms (Levinstein, 2003). Instead, they emerge from lifestyle habits based on how one carries out his/her day-to-day activities. Nurses and other medical staff play a major role in controlling or preventing such diseases,.

The Macomb County, which is located in Michigan, is not different from other counties in the United States. The area is influenced by various factors affecting its population’s health. Of these factors, the top three include stress, diet and lack of exercise (Levinstein, 2003). Although they may seem tolerable, their effects might prove fatal. The factors assume the top three positions because they are not microorganism-based yet they cause a high rate of mortality. The factors which relate to a person’s lifestyle are build up over time although victims may not know that their health is deteriorating until it is too late (Nutter, 2003).

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The effects are worsened by the fact that the conditions do not take a few days to disappear after a simple prescription. The following is an analysis on how each factor influences the health of Macomb County citizens in Michigan alongside with their impact in the society.


According to Nutter (2003), stressors are part of everyday life. As it is, people cannot avoid stress throughout life. However, it does not imply that it should be entertained. It is noted that stressors can be controlled and managed. If they are not, they bring about illnesses and even physical pain. Stressors may relate to work, education, family or even social activities (Nutter, 2003). Since each individual is part of such institutions, avoidance of stress is a demanding task. Given that a considerable percentage of people from the County combine education, family and work, being stressed is easy. 

Stress causes a number of ailments. It directly affects a person’s psychological well-being. It leads to a state of depression and/or anxiety when it is not addressed in time (Nutter, 2003). Other than emotional distress, stress can affect every aspect of an individual’s social life leading to isolation. With the consideration that every individual must undergo all levels of life, the bottom line is that stress management is an important aspect to help maintain health living.   


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The Macomb County people consume fast food as they keep a general diet rich in junk food (Levinstein, 2003). To remain healthy, individuals need to eat healthy food and ensure that they are enjoying a balanced meal. In addition, every individual requires varying nutrients because personality and body demands are different.

Consuming fast food leaves the body deficient of nutrients necessary to remain healthy or boost its immune system (Taylor & Marandi, 2008). Poor eating habits also undermine the functionality of body organs. For example, bones need calcium, which, if absent from the diet, complicate their functionality. Inadequate calcium level leads to fatigue and pain in the body joints. It is also observed that junk food contains fat and sugars which are harmful as they contribute to the development of conditions such as obesity, overweight, increase in blood pressure and fast aging (Taylor & Marandi, 2008). With the current lifestyle where most people on the move, fast foods are gaining popularity. The worst part is that even children are adopting the lifestyle. Therefore, it starts at a tender age and over time causes long-term negative impact on health. 

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Lack of Exercise

With the advancement in technology, finding electronics to make life easier has become common. It has led to a lazy lifestyle in the society. Exercise allows for the excretion of toxic material from the body through sweating which is a natural occurrence that is triggered by some sort of physical activity (Taylor & Marandi, 2008). Exercise also promotes physical fitness. Diseases related to a passive lifestyle include chronic diseases such as cardiovascular conditions, type 2 diabetes, breast and colon cancer. Such diseases top the charts in Macomb County, Michigan (Levinstein, 2003).

The other problem of modern society is that everyone is driving to work, school and to every social amenity in the area (Levinstein, 2003). Even when the grocery store is a block away, driving seems to be the convenient means of transport. It leads to bone and joint diseases in future. Inactivity with a combination of poor eating habits leads to obesity because the body stores fat but does not burn the extra calories.  

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Effects of Economics on Health Care Access

The socio-economic status in Macomb County in relation to healthcare access affects individuals differently. It addresses an individual’s lifestyle (occupation, wages, education). Looking at individual socio-economic status and healthcare access, the picture is not impressive, since the County’s economy has underperformed over the years resulting in difficulties in developing health facilities (Levinstein, 2003). It is pointed out that existing health facilities also encounter difficulties catering for every individual.

The above factors are affecting a larger population of the society. Considering that some people affected by health problems may not be covered by medical insurance, accessing treatment becomes difficult. The number of individuals able to take personal insurance on health is also relatively low.

Due to the worsening economy, factors such as stress are to be taken into consideration (Levinstein, 2003). Many people develop poor eating habits, since junk food is cheaper and readily available. The use of electronics also promotes a passive lifestyle. Though health ailments problems increase, gaining access to healthcare raises another concern especially for young adults.

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