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Our company is the most advanced and customer-oriented in the academic writing industry. We are also the first company on the academic writing market which guarantees a full refund in case of plagiarism. Fresh-Essay.com is a company, which writes only original papers. We are not a regular paper mill that resells papers to customers around the globe. Our task is to write unique papers totally from scratch. You submit your instructions, and we follow them when working on your order. If you want, we are ready to provide a free plagiarism report to you confirming the originality of your piece of writing. If you still believe that your paper has been plagiarized, please, do not hesitate to forward the results of your plagiarism check to us. We will review your claims thoroughly. However, please note that we are one of the leading companies in the industry. We work hard to strengthen our position and make our customers happy. Fresh-Essay.com is a company, which does not seek momentary profits. We want to build long-term, productive and collaborative relationships with customers, and this is why we always deliver world-class papers.



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Since the moment our company was founded, we have been trying to establish new standards of quality and customer-oriented service. We have come to this market to help our customers improve their academic grades. We have always insisted on the need to provide customers with the service of unparalleled quality, and we have been able to accomplish our purpose. Unlike many other companies, we do not compromise our commitment to quality, honesty, and justice. We are in a position to give every customer a chance to succeed in their academic studies.

Fresh-Essay.com is the agency which uses the latest technologies and translates them into excellent academic writing services. We use our expertise, talent, skills, and experience to be leaders in the academic writing industry and help students achieve their most ambitious goals. It is due to our hard work and our unchangeable belief in academic success that we have moved to the forefront of the academic writing market. We are versatile. We are omnipresent. Our customers can use our services at any time regardless of their location.


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Fresh-Essay.com constantly monitors changes in the academic writing industry. We have noticed that many non-professional companies copy and redesign our website content to improve their customer and service image. However, they do not try to improve the quality of their services. Rather, they expect that our website content will help them become more popular among their prospective customers. We cannot change the situation or create any barriers to entry into the academic writing industry. However, we can still inform our customers of the difficulties they may encounter if they choose to work with any of these inferior services. Such agencies are often created by students, who have never made any distinguished things in their lives but want to earn easy money. They use our achievements and assets to become richer. Unfortunately, in most cases, their papers are of low quality and, almost certainly, plagiarized.

What you need to do before placing an order on the website of any such companies is checking if their phone line is working. Actually, it is enough to see if they have any phone line at all. Most students who launch such websites have never even been to the U.S. They live in the third-world countries and, for this reason alone, can never guarantee the provision of an outstanding academic writing service. Additionally, should you decide to work with these companies, look at their prices. You may find out that their prices are just too low to be true. Do not get disappointed if you do not receive your paper on time. Do not get sad if you do not receive any paper at all.






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Our company is based in the U.S. We have U.S.-based phone numbers. Our contact details are valid. We are here 24/7. We work very hard to improve our brand image and reputation. We run a sophisticated security system to keep your personal information intact. We guarantee the best quality papers at the most affordable price. Our satisfied customers will certainly send the message of our company to their friends and relatives, and our fame will quickly become a reality.

We have been here for quite a long time. We are in a position to guarantee that every paper written by our writers is an example of outstanding quality and unbelievable professionalism. We prove that being professional and thorough in academic writing is possible. You will see that our papers will meet your requirements and exceed your expectations.

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