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Writing a paper in apa essay format seems complex and boring task for all the students. However, you may make it easier learning the key points and peculiarities of this style. The following guide will be useful for everyone who needs to create a paper in accordance with American Psychological Association but does not even know how to start.

First and foremost, you should know that APA style is the most common format used in colleges and universities. 6th edition of APA style is the most widespread among the professors. Assigning the paper in APA style, the lecturer expects to see the paper with the credible sources formatted properly. Like every writing style, APA has its own rules and peculiarities. Learn more about apa essay format using the following techniques!

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Major Paper Sections

Apa format essay includes the following sections: a cover page, an abstract, a main body and references. Also, you may include the appendices if necessary.

  • Title page. A cover page should include the title of the paper, the student’s name, as well as the institutional affiliation. Also, the title page will include the page header, the so-called “Running Head”. Indeed, every page should be marked with a running head. The topic of the paper should appear as the running head on the first page, but it should not exceed fifty capital letters. Actually, the running head is the shortened version of the paper’s title. The title that is in the center of the title page should be no more than twelve words. The student’s name should not include any degrees or titles. Also, you may find a reliable writing service and upload a free apa essay example to see more details.
  • Abstract. Abstract also includes the running head mentioned above. The word “abstract” should be in the center of the first line. It should not be bolded, italicized, or underlined. Usually, it is a single, double-spaced paragraph. The word count of your abstract should vary from 150 to 250 words. If you want, you may also list the keywords, necessary for a better understanding of your paper. It will help the researchers to follow your paper in the databases. Also, they are needed for the despaired students who search for a good apa format essay example in order to improve their writing and formatting skills.
  • Main body. Main body is an extremely important part of your paper since it includes the key ideas and arguments. Also, the main body will show the ground research conducted by a writer. All the sources should be properly cited according to the most up-to-date manuals of APA format. APA requires using present perfect tense or past tense when quoting somebody’s thought. If you are assigned an APA paper, use the author-date format. It means that you should have the author’s name and date of the source’s publication – for example (Miles, 2015).
  • Reference list. However, a complete reference with the name of the source and the place of publication should be included into the reference list. Apa style essay should have a list of references while each reference should include the author’s name, the date of publication of the source, the source’s name, and the place of publication. We assure you that practicing your writing skills with writing high-quality APA essays every day you will become a true professional writer.

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Apa essay should also be totally free of plagiarism. It is a serious crime in all the colleges and universities and if the student uses some source, it should be properly cited. Writing an essay in accordance with APA style may seem a very complex and boring task for an average student. However, studying at high-school, college or university you cannot avoid it since it is one of the most common formatting styles. We assure you that it is better to learn all it rules in order to avoid the problems with the future assignments. APA formatting requires certain skills and experience and if you feel that you cannot cope with this task successfully – it is better to find a trustworthy assistant online. This service should not offer you a cheap apa sample essay since it will fail your reputation. Buying a paper from a reliable writing partner you do not need to worry about your grades since your rating and reputation are in safe hands.