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Culture of the company is an essential part of its development and business evolution in terms of the contemporary competition. In fact, mergers and acquisitions have a significant influence on the companies involved in these processes. The current discussion involves two companies working in the same industry. Biggreen is a company that operates in New York City and produces cosmetics for the diversity of customers. Recently, the company has merged with a French company Canice, which is also involved in the industry of the cosmetics. Two companies have different cultures, and there is a need to unify them in a single culture in order to proclaim equality and harmony in the performance of both offices. The following discussion reveals the background of both companies and explains every step towards unification of two different cultures.

Background Information

Biggreen is an American company, which was established in 2000 by Alice Green. The company produces prestige makeup, skincare and fragrances. Biggreen has several laboratories, which test every product and develop unique compositions of products by using plants. The company successfully spreads its performance at the national level by attracting customers with outstanding quality and customer service. The main peculiarity of the company is that it works with natural ingredients, which do not cause allergies or any side effects. Customers are interested in purchasing products with natural extracts of plants, which can nourish skin and take care of the facial beauty. In 2015, the company merged with Canice, a French company, which became a start of the Biggreen’s international performance.

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Canice, in its turn, is a French company, which was established in 2005 by Benjamin Abel. The company’s experience in the field of cosmetics production is not as significant as Biggreen’s. However, the company has already won loyalty and respect of the European customers. Perfumes, makeup, and hair care are three primary product lines in the company’s performance. Canice also works with natural ingredients, which help it to meet customer’s demands in the support of natural beauty with high quality products. The company has a rule that does not allow making mistakes in the manufacturing process of beauty products. High quality and transparency are two main peculiarities of the company’s performance. The company’s staff values comfortable work conditions and opportunities to relax after hours of hard work.

Steps towards Unification of Different Cultures

Core Values

The primary task of the Biggreen, which merged with Canice, is to create an optimized system of core values. This should become the main task of the unification, which will help every employee to follow the same direction. If the nature of the performance within both companies is connected with the aim to achieve the same goals by following the same principles, it is most likely that employees will feel unity. Both companies should aim to provide customers with high quality, outstanding customer service, and appropriate working environment.


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Staff Alignment around the Vision

This step is a mandatory element in the process of unification. Two different companies need time to adjust to the changes in their performance. Changes may transform employee’s productivity and affect the overall performance by preventing from active integration of the vision. The process of alignment should start from managers who will be the source of adaptation to the new stage of the performance within both companies. Effective leadership and guidance of managers can help employees to adhere to the optimized vision of both companies aiming to excel achieved success.


Training is another key element in the process of transforming cultures of both companies. Those employees who require additional training need to obtain new skills and experience in order to move in the new direction of the company’s performance. It is essential to formulate groups consisting of representatives of both cultures in order to proclaim unity and give employees the sense of teamwork (Coisne, 2011).

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Procedures (HRM)

Human Capital Management (HRM) has a significant meaning in the composition of two companies. First, it is essential to implement procedures that will contribute to the effective distribution of human resources. In terms of HRM, it will be effective to implement procedures affecting employee discipline, customer interaction, repair processes in the laboratories, and other valuable procedures, which should standardize the performance within both companies.

Measurement and Analysis

Measurement and analysis should help to control the performance of both companies and analyze mistakes within every department. This step should ensure managers that every employee follows an overall vision, mission, and core values. In the majority of cases, mistakes of the performance indicate that employees experience difficulties in understanding the company’s goals. Weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports from managers can help to monitor and analyze the efficiency of the activity of every employee (Coisne, 2011). This step will also show the dependence and connection between every department, which, in its turn, will contribute to the unification of two different cultures.

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Open-Door Policy

This step is a significant aspect of creating an appropriate atmosphere of the performance of both companies. It means that managers and the head of the company keep their doors open, which helps employees to feel free to ask their questions whenever they want. This policy considers that managers are ready to assist employees in their problems and listen to their ideas. This step can boost the transformation of cultures in both companies and ensure employees that managers have nothing to hide.

International Exchange

Canice and Biggreen need to provide their employees with international exchange, which will introduce them to the peculiarities of both cultures. It means that Biggreen can create exchange programs allowing French employees obtain new experience in the American company. Canice will also be open to international colleagues, which will obtain new business skills within new environment.

Global Event

Globalization is one of the significant forces of the contemporary business world. It is impossible to enjoy this phenomenon without optimizing the company’s performance according to the terms of globalization. In case of Biggreen and Canice, it is obvious that a global project can help both companies to unite in order to achieve the common aim. For example, it is possible to involve local communities of both companies in the development of new products. Customers can participate in order to show the company that they want it to use specific natural ingredients, which will nourish skin with various vitamins. The revenue from the new product may go to charity, which will show that the company takes care of the society. Such project will contribute to the establishment of the friendly relations between international representatives of both countries. Cooperation, in its turn, will become the source of reliable reputation and image.

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In conclusion, it is necessary to emphasize the need of both companies to have a single system of cultural values. Otherwise, it will be impossible to grow and develop in terms of the contemporary competition and globalization. The reflected information about steps towards unification of the culture can be changed according to the changeable business environment, which requires companies to adjust to new conditions. However, the main idea remains the same, and it revolves around the aim of the merging company to reach the new level of the development. In addition, mergers open new business opportunities and extend boundaries of the performance for both companies that formulate this process.

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