Creative Essay Writing

Creative Essay Writing

Students may face this kind of paper in high school or college. This task offers students an opportunity to express themselves and use their imagination.

What Is a Creative Essay?

In a creative essay, the student is supposed to make up a story from scratch. It is not a mere dull description of everyday life, but a story with a thought-provoking and striking plot. This may sound as a tough task, but the writer is not limited to something and there are no restrictions in terms of the topic. You just need to be creative. If your professor does not provide any extra instructions, you are only limited by your imagination.

Choosing the Title

The second step after making a plan of your essay is choosing a perfect title. It may take even more time than crafting the body of the essay. Here are the tips that will help you create a descent title much faster.

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  • The main purpose of the title is to grab reader’s attention. It should be informative as well.
  • You may use an approach, where the title is made of three words, which characterize the whole essay.
  • If you are using a quote, it should be strong enough to grab reader’s attention.


When writing an introduction, the writer should follow the guidelines for a narration and set up the scene. Therefore, it is necessary to describe the location and time. The whole mood of the story will depend on how well the setting was portrayed. Create a perfect and detailed illustration of the setting in the reader’s mind. You are free to use metaphors and symbols to make the story vivid and colorful. Some writers prefer taking the reader into the action right from the very beginning. Nowadays readers are very picky therefore only an original story will impress the demanding reader. Avoid using any creative essay online prompts.



You are supposed to develop the plot of the essay in the body. Use each separate paragraph to discuss a specific point. They all should be interrelated. You may also use a paragraph to change the whole tone of the paper. There are numerous techniques that help writers change the mood or flow of the essay. By means of confrontation or false confrontation, the writer may even control the tempo of the narration. Do not forget about proper transitions. Otherwise the ideas in each paragraph will sound unrelated to one another. Transitions can assist in emphasizing a specific event and show a relation between ideas. They may help create a feeling of suspense or drama. They help the reader get to the end of the essay faster than he or she gets bored.


The conclusion is used to sum up all the information. But some writers recommend using ‘cliffhangers.’ Leaving the story unfinished keeps the readers in suspense. Many screenwriters around the world use this technique for TV shows and movies. Some people hate if they do not know the outcome or the result. Therefore, they will be frustrated but still waiting for the next season, episode or part. You may use any other technique that you feel comfortable with. As you could guess, the main purpose of any conclusion is to leave a powerful impression. You may ask yourself a simple question whether the reader will recollect your essay after reading at least ten other papers.

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