Making Your Persuasive Essay Interesting

Making Your Persuasive Essay Interesting

Students who study at high schools and colleges need to know how to properly structure papers belonging to the type of persuasive writing. Students frequently get assignments to write persuasive papers as this type of writing is especially remarkable for students’ self-development and improvement of academic writing skills. Despite the fact that persuasive writing does not differ much from regular papers, often students need some additional help when having to submit such assignments. In particular, before handing in a persuasive essay, students need to know how to provide a catchy introduction in order to attract attention of their target readers. Moreover, students should be aware of the ways how to persuade readers to the given point of view.

Tips on How to Write a Terrific Persuasive Essay

  • Identify your target audience. This step should be taken as the top priority task as the content of the paper and its layout will strongly depend on who will read it. Depending on the audience, your writing approaches will differ. For example, if the target audience are professors and other representatives of the academic field of the society, then you should come up with a more formal writing style. In this case, you won’t use any jokes or funny stories from your personal experience. On the contrary, if your target audience are students or colleagues, you can write in a semi-formal style and at times appeal to your own experience.
  • Find out what purpose your writing will have. In case of persuasive writing, your main goal is to persuade others to accept (or even take) your stance.
  • Try to make the beginning of your persuasive writing impressive. The best way to win the attention of your readers is to introduce some striking fact or story from the very beginning. Still, keep in mind that this fact should be taken from some reliable and credible source. The same is when you discuss some problem or significant issue: you need to provide solid evidence and statistics when you want to prove its importance and topicality. Readers are more likely to trust some credible sources rather than some raw facts or personal opinions.
  • Properly develop the layout for the paper. As a rule, in persuasive essays, writers appeal to the readers’ intelligence and feelings. Actually, it is advisable for writers to structure the paper in such a way that the reader feels as if he/ she knows really little on the topic. Then, with appropriate and sufficient facts, details, statistics, and other supporting evidence, the writer should try to persuade the reader in the suggested standpoint.
  • Provide a well-written conclusion. Some may think that writing a conclusion is the easiest task. However, it’s not. A conclusion should be also properly written. Here, you should once again highlight the most important ideas that are strong enough to convince your readers. So, simply restating some facts is not enough – you need to know which facts are worth to be considered once again.

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