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Dissertation discussion chapter can be one of the most challenging sections since it demands concentration and good analytical skills. Apart from merely summarizing the findings, you also need to critically evaluate them and analyze in terms of their correspondence to the original thesis and the topic on the whole. So, if you encounter some difficulties when working on this chapter, please use the dissertation discussion writing service provided by our expert and highly qualified team. It is a good option to place an order with us since we provide excellent assistance at affordable prices.

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Specific Features of a Dissertation Discussion Section

The chief goal of writing a discussion section is to describe and decipher the obtained research results and highlight their role in proving the hypothesis and answering the research question. Apart from that, you have to explain why the approach applied to solving the research problem is the most effective and show its connection with the literature review. When constructing an argument, your task is to spell out what the key findings mean, why they are important for discussing the research question, what points they can’t illustrate, and what methods you offer for doing further investigation.

When writing a discussion section, you should remember that it is closely connected with an introductory chapter since it is directly related to the hypothesis or research problem posed and the literature you’ve analyzed. However, it is essential to remember that your dissertation discussion chapter can’t include the same information as the mentioned sections. It has to contribute to readers’ understanding of the matter in question so that can broaden their knowledge of a particular area.

As to the structure, this unit can be arranged in different ways depending on the academic field it is written in. However, usually, this chapter consists of the following elements:

  • Summary of the major findings
  • Interpretation of the research results
  • Strong and weak points of the survey
  • Principal implications for practice
  • Suggestions for future research
  • Conclusion

Considering the importance of the dissertation discussion section, students should have detailed guidelines at hand to be able to complete the assignment properly. For this reason, we have prepared explicit instructions on how to write a dissertation discussion chapter. So, keep reading to find out what such a unit of a dissertation implies.


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Detailed Description of How to Write a Dissertation Discussion Chapter

A dissertation discussion chapter is an attempt of a student to demonstrate significance of the study conducted. Besides, it is a great point when it comes to bringing more awareness to the topic importance. Very often, with the help of the discussion section, you can bridge the gap between the background research that has already been obtained and your individual studies and contribution. However, to achieve this goal, you need to know what information to provide in this section and in what order. Below, there is a table that vividly illustrates the stages of writing a discussion section.

Stage Description

Summary of the major findings

Sum up the key findings briefly. Do not repeat the data which you have already provided in previous sections. You have to clearly present the received results that answer the research question.

The summary can be introduced in the following way:

  • According to the analysis, …
  • The data claims that…
  • The study demonstrates the connection…

Interpretation of the research results

The received results of the investigation should be directly connected with the research questions so that readers can properly understand the importance of your study.

You can start interpreting the research results in the following way:

  • The received results oppose those obtained by…
  • Proving the hypothesis…
  • The key findings prove that …

Strong and weak points of the survey

The limitations may occur due to the applied research methods of techniques or some issues that may have arisen in the course of research. Your task is to determine those limitations and explain whether they have somehow influenced the process of reaching the set goals.

The following phrases may help you write this part of the chapter:

  • The accuracy of data is influenced by…
  • The choice of the research methods was limited by…
  • The received results were restricted by…

Principal implications for practice

State what practical and theoretical value your investigation will have for other researchers and a specific research field in general. Establish the connection between the received results and already available material on your topic to help readers see the contribution your study makes to a particular area. Answering the following questions, it may be easier for you to write about the implications for practice:

  • Do the obtained results fit in the overall research field?
  • Do the received findings differ from those obtained by other researchers?
  • Do the obtained findings support or oppose the related theory?

Suggestions for future research

Based on the interpretation of the results, you can provide recommendations for further investigation. Note that in some cases, they may be provided in the concluding section.

To write a discussion section properly, this part specifically, consider using the following phrases:

  • When conducting further investigation, it is necessary to mind…
  • Further investigation may be carried out to …


Here, you are to sum up everything you have written in this section. Still, you should remember that conclusion is often combined with the discussion. So, you’d better to clarify the matter to know exactly how to structure your academic work.

These are the core instructions as to how to write a dissertation discussion. It is obvious that the process of producing a discussion unit is time-consuming and demands a profound knowledge of writing, structuring, and formatting requirements, not talking about the means of conducting research. The last-year undergraduates are overloaded with numerous tasks and projects, so they may lack time to write a discussion chapter in the right manner. So, why not use our service to get such an essential scholarly project completed successfully?

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What to Consider When Writing a Discussion Chapter?

In addition to the guidelines provided above, we also want to share some useful tips with you. Paying attention to the listed points, it will be easier for you to figure out how to write a dissertation discussion without any major flaws:

  • Avoid introducing new results in the discussion chapter.
  • Make sure your conclusions are supported by evidence.
  • Do not stress the weak points of your investigation. Only the presentation of the limitations is what is required.
  • Mind the word count requirements.
  • Present information clearly and coherently.
  • Avoid making statements that are not supported by facts.

Now, you know how to write a discussion chapter of your dissertation. If you find it challenging, do not hesitate to use our service. Our team would be glad to help you formulate the research problem, present the implications for practice, make proper recommendations for further investigation, etc. In other words, our specialists will do their best to create a solid discussion for you.

Why Is It a Good Idea to Pay Someone to Do My Discussion Chapter?

Many Ph.D. candidates feel the utmost responsibility when it comes to presenting their discussion part, and it is no surprise why it happens so. When they present this chapter, they actually present the results that they have acquired in the studying process, and this is not always easy. So, if you feel that you need a helping hand, do not hesitate to ask Fresh-Essay.com for dissertation discussion writing help.

When using our service, you will not need to spend much time figuring out:

  • How to formulate the research questions clearly;
  • How to introduce the results;
  • What techniques to use to interpret findings;
  • How to present the limitations in a way that doesn’t diminish the value of your study;
  • What tone to apply to make your writing sound professional.

Additionally, you will gain some free time which you will be able to spend on the activities you enjoy doing. So, do not delay using our service! Fresh-Essay.com is the resource which you can trust!

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