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Various degree courses require students to include a literature review as part of their work that will be evaluated. You probably have to submit your paper already, but you haven’t even yet begun? We understand how it feels. As far as literature reviews are concerned, starting is the hardest thing. You may have chosen the most interesting and unique topic, started preparing an outline, and have written a top-notch proposal, but have stuck in the critical review of other works in your field of study. Lit reviews require a lot of skills to do it well. You have to be a good writer, analyst and data seeker, as well as be able to produce original texts by using new approaches and flexible thinking. No wonder that a large number of students are searching for literature review writing services to get some assistance. If you would also rather delegate the task to an expert literature review writer, than prepare an overview on your own, you are welcome to send your “write my literature review” request to our company.

The process of writing a literature review requires close attention to detail. One should be familiar with various referencing styles, know how to format the paper, how to do proofreading, keep in mind the peculiarities of academic writing style and know field-specific terminology! Our literature review writing service is not afraid to encourage customers from all over the world to use our help because we are sure in our competence and we are here to provide top-notch academic papers. We have gained excellent reputation among customers from different corners of the globe, and we take pride of our writers’ team that helps clients ace at their academic writing tasks. If you cannot cope with some academic assignments, be sure that you can count on a helping hand from us.

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What Is a Literature Review?

A literature review is a piece of academic writing that shows knowledge and comprehension of the academic literature on a particular topic, which is placed in context. The paper also contains a critical evaluation of the material, which is the reason why this piece of writing is called a literature review rather than a report.

To write an effective literature review, one should make an in-depth, thorough and critical comparison of the gathered literature that is relevant to the research being conducted. Creating a good literature review means being capable of researching various sources, analyzing and evaluating them, identifying gaps in the existing knowledge and making conclusions. Handling such an assignment is indeed very tedious and time-consuming, so if you want to ensure your paper gets the attention it deserves, you can definitely ask for professional literature review help online.

Various Types of Literature Reviews

Literature review writing can come in different forms. The piece of writing can be written as part of a research paper, e.g. as part of the Introduction section. It can be prepared as a chapter of a doctoral dissertation. Lit reviews can also be written as a separate assignment, i.e. be separate articles by themselves. In addition, in some courses, students can be asked to compose a research paper that is itself a literature review. As an alternative, you may be required to include a lit review as part of a larger research project (for example, an Honors Thesis). Taking into consideration the abovementioned information, the common literature review types are as follows:

Full-Length Literature Reviews Literature Reviews as Part of a Larger Project
Full-length lit review articles usually use a three-part structure:

  1. The Introduction, where you identify the topic and introduce main problems and any trends in the literary works;
  2. Body, which is the part where you discuss the studies that compose the literature on your research topic;
  3. Conclusion or Discussion, where you discuss major points and patterns and summarize the general state of everything that is known about the topic.
Reviews that are written as part of a larger research project do not need to be exhaustive. Instead, they have to include most or all of the existing important studies about the topic, but not loosely related or superficial ones. In general, it should be enough for the reader to read your literature review in order to understand the core findings and main issues concerning the research topic. Here is a brief description of the process of writing a literature review for a research paper:

  1. Describe each article that you’ve read in a one separate paragraph,
  2. Choose how all the paragraphs will be arranged and combine them in one paper/document,
  3. Add necessary transitions between the paragraphs, and then write introductory and concluding paragraphs.

In addition, lit reviews can be composed using different styles. The difference is in the manner prior research is reviewed and the way in which the overview of literary works is organized. Thus, the examples of stylistic variations in literature reviews are provided below:

Summarization of previous work vs. critical evaluation Sometimes, previous research is simply summarized and described, whereas in other cases, the author compares, contrasts or even critiques previous research, i.e. discusses its strong and weak points.
Chronological vs. categorical and other types of organization In some instances, the literature review paper begins with the oldest research and then advances until it ends with the latest one. In other cases, one can discuss prior research by category, without regard for chronological order (like in groupings of closely related studies). In addition, there are other cases, when prior research is discussed in terms of opposing views, that is, when different studies or researchers disagree with one another.

To sum up, all types of literature reviews, whether they are prepared as separate articles unto themselves or as a part of a larger work, have a common feature: all of them never introduce new research but provide an overview of previous research on a particular topic.

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Why It Is Important to Analyze the Literature in Detail

When composing a research paper on a certain topic, you will often be required to include an overview of previous research that has been carried out on that topic. By analyzing and summarizing prior research on your topic, you will achieve several purposes:

  • You will demonstrate your awareness of the latest research in your chosen subject area.
  • You will investigate different sources in detail, delve deeper into the analysis of theories, and you will thus be able to highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each source.
  • You will be able to clearly see and analyze how the current research relates to the previous research in the same field. As such, you will be able to defend your arguments.

If it is hard for you to organize your thoughts in a clear and comprehensive manner, be sure that our literature review writing service is at your disposal. Our expert writers will help you provide a logical and concise analysis of literature. If academic writing is the sphere you are not good at, rely on us for expert assistance.

How to Write a Literature Review Step by Step

Our company’s writers who have been working on literature reviews for many years provide the following recommendations on how to write a literature review:

  • find credible and peer-reviewed sources that are related to your topic;
  • make sure the sources are not only relevant but also up-to-date;
  • start reviewing these sources: while doing it, take notes of the main viewpoints expressed there;
  • summarize different ideas and provide a well-organized synopsis;
  • outline the structure of your paper;
  • write your literature review paper.

As you see, there are a lot of elements to keep in mind while writing a literature review. No wonder that so many students are looking for professional help and sending their “write my literature review” requests to us. Thus, if you struggle with writing the paper on your own, opt for buying a literature review from

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It Is Time to Buy a Literature Review Paper Online

“Can you write my literature review for me?” That is the kind of question we receive almost every day from our clients. Yes, we can! We offer a great solution to our clients since we provide papers of different types, which means that you can order not only literature reviews. We fully realize that students lack time to cover all assignments on time. Here is where we can offer reliable help with writing a professional literature review. If you want to get a good grade without spending a lot of time and efforts on writing, be sure that you should get literature review help from us. You will definitely benefit from our top-quality and trustworthy custom writing service.

What Will You Get if You Use Our Literature Review Writing Service

Cooperating with our literature review writers, you will be provided with specialist assistance in writing all types of literature reviews, including narrative or traditional lit reviews, meta-analysis and meta-synthesis and systematic literature reviews.

Our literature review writing services cover undergraduate and postgraduate coursework assignments, as well as lit reviews for Master’s proposals and literature review for PhD theses. Our lit reviews are custom written from scratch, following your specific requirements, by specialist writers who are graduates with Master’s or PhD degrees and competent in your field of study.

We have a great pool of professional writers, who are experts in various academic disciplines, so you can be sure that the writer we assign to your lit review will have the academic qualification for your subject and the necessary experience, so the work you will receive will be of the highest standard.

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Benefits You Derive from

  • Papers of superior quality

When you cooperate with us, you can be sure that all your paper requirements and instructions will be strictly followed. You can order a paper of any academic complexity level: from high school and college to university and PhD. The literature review writer will be assigned to you based on your level and qualifications.

  • We hire only highly qualified and certified writers

We make sure that writers in our team hold Master’s and PhD degrees. Besides, we carefully check whether they have sufficient experience to cope with different types of writing. We are interested in providing a wide range of writing services to our clientele hence the need of hiring only writers with outstanding skills.

  • A free revision option

To ensure that our clients get the quality of services they need, we have provided a revision option that is available for free within two days (the papers shorter than 20 pages) and 30 days (the papers exceeding 20 pages) after the deadline expiration. One important thing to remember: you should not change the original instructions sent during the order placement process.

  • Timely delivery of papers

We guarantee that all papers are sent according to the deadline. You can be sure that you will submit your papers on time.

  • Confidentiality policy and originality of writing

We guarantee full security of information that you share with us. Besides, we never share any information, including your papers, with the third parties. Originality of content is always maintained, since each paper is scanned via anti-plagiarism software.

  • Round-the-clock customer support

Our customer support agents are available 24/7 so that you could get help in writing a lit review at any time of the day or night convenient to you.

How to Order a Literature Review

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How to Order Literature Review Writing Services from

The procedure is completely straightforward and easy. You will only need to take a few steps:

  1. Fill in the order placement form on the company’s website. Indicate the deadline, academic level, discipline, topic, number of pages, etc. If you have any paper samples, templates, professor’s instructions or any other documents, be sure that you can upload them into the system as well.
  2. Pay for the paper. Choose the payment system that is the most convenient to you. As soon as you confirm the payment, our writers will start working on your paper.
  3. Download the completed paper from your personal cabinet, once the deadline is over. You will also be able to get a plagiarism report, i.e. a fee-based document, as a proof that your paper is original in content.

Getting Literature Review Help from Us Is Your Smart Decision

When you start looking for custom literature review writing service online, you will see that there are a lot of companies specializing in providing academic papers. However, not all of them are trustworthy and reliable in terms of the service they provide. As such, you should be attentive to the company you choose to cooperate with. Check the company’s experience in the custom writing field and try to check customers’ testimonials.

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