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Marketing Analysis: Dove White Beauty Bar Soap

Branding Strategy

Dove White Beauty Bar Soap is owned and produced by Unilever. It appeared in 1956 when the unique formula of soap devoid of alkali was created. Such an approach allowed Dove White Beauty Bar Soap to avoid dryness and irritation that can appear in the case of using an ordinary soap. The unique formula was created based on medical device development for skin care burn patients. To reduce the negative effect of soap on the skin, it was decided to add the Stearic Acid, i.e. the major component of cosmetic creams. The formula of the resulting product was characterized by the high content of moisturizing substances and absence of alkali. Thus, evaluating the marketing potential of the discovery, Unilever immediately patented the composition.

Dove was launched for sale in 1956 at a price twice higher than the value of another Unilever product, i.e. Lux soap (Hussain, 2010). Specific product positioning implies the cream soap properly supported by advertising promises that Dove does not dry the skin contrary to the ordinary soap. Nowadays, Dove is considered to be one of the leading brands within the industry. It is known by the millions of people in nearly one hundred countries around the world with the turnover that exceeds $ 2.5 billion. The performance of Dove soap on the market can be defined as the partial change application properties by improving the technological characteristics without fundamental changes in manufacturing technology. Dove uses transnational brand strategy, which is based on the adaptation to local markets. It develops individual concepts for branding at the markets in which it operates, promoting the idea of the diversity of beauty.

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SWOT Analysis

SWOT analysis is supposed to be a strategic planning method aimed to identify the factors of the internal and external environment of the brand performance based on four key categories, i.e. strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Strengths and weaknesses refer to the internal environment of the brand performance and include the factors which can be directly influenced and controlled by the brand itself. The opportunities and threats refer to the external environmental factors, including those which cannot be controlled by the brand.

The strengths of Dove White Beauty Bar Soap include the following:

  • The uniqueness of the technology and ingredients. The moisturizing cream is supposed to be 1/4 of the product compound. Thus, Dove is characterized by a moisturizing effect, which helps to preserve the natural beauty and health of the skin.
  • Zero pH levels. The neutral pH of Dove White Beauty Bar Soap makes the product available for the sensitive skin as the likelihood of irritations and allergy is quite low (Kasi, 2011).
  • The efficient advertising and promotional strategies. The product is advertised through the wide range of media, including TV, magazines as well as indoor and outdoor advertising facilities.
  • The high rate of brand awareness. Due to the efficient marketing and positioning, the product is known by the great variety of customers.

Furthermore, the brand is constantly involved in various public activities and campaigns devoted to the promotion of the diversity of beauty.


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The weaknesses of Dove White Beauty Bar Soap include the pricing and limited target market, which means that the price of the product is higher comparing to the price offered by the competitors. Besides, the product is oriented exclusively on the female audience, while the creation of the male range within the offered assortment can significantly increase the sales.

The opportunities of Dove White Beauty Bar Soap are based on the male audience as well as constant innovations. The creation of the beauty bar for men can become the new step in the brand and product development. The introduction of the latest achievements in the technological process can serve as the source of the various advantages on the market.

The threats of Dove White Beauty Bar Soap refer to the constantly growing competition. Olay, Nivea, and Neutrogena are supposed to be the key market players, who can introduce the substitute products and decrease the market share of Dove (Kolstad, 2006). In addition, the economic fluctuations can influence the purchasing power of the customers decreasing the sales of the product.

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Marketing Strategy & Mix

The Product

Dove White Beauty Bar Soap is positioned as the product which cares about the skin. It helps the females of different ages to preserve the natural beauty and health as well as avoid the occurrence of the early wrinkles. The neutral pH makes the product available for different skin types including the sensitive skin. The product restores the skin’s protective barrier, limiting the impact of aggressive environmental factors. Besides, it promotes the deposition of stearic acid in the stratum corneum of the epidermis and its penetration into the deeper layers. Dove White Beauty Bar Soap can be combined with therapeutic drugs used for dermatitis (O’Donnell, 2008).

The Price

The price of Dove White Beauty Bar Soap is higher compared to the products offered by Olay, Nivea, and Neutrogena. Thus, the brand is oriented on the customers with the average or higher than average income.


Dove White Beauty Bar Soap is promoted through ATL and TVC’s marketing. The most powerful promotional tools include TV ads as well as outdoor and indoor advertising and banners. The ‘Real Beauty’ campaign promotes the product as the necessary element of the daily care routine of each woman as long as beauty is diverse so that each woman is beautiful.

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Product Distribution

Dove White Beauty Bar Soap is distributed through the channels of the various stores, supermarkets, and outlets worldwide.

Consumer Behavior

Dove White Beauty Bar Soap targets female audience of different ages with average or above the average income. It is aimed to help the women to open their real beauty through the usage of Dove White Beauty Bar Soap. The product aims to assure the pleasurable experience of care due to the uniqueness of the ingredients and components. The usage of Dove White Beauty Bar Soap can help the women to feel happier through the recognition of the personal beauty. The product promotes the diversity of beauty claiming that each individual is beautiful. Thus, the product is chosen by women who want to care about themselves as well as those, who feel the uniqueness of the personal identity.

Promotion Mix

The creation of full compliance of the customers’ perception of the advertising image of the actual practice is the key task of Dove White Beauty Bar Soap promotion strategy. The efficient promotion is based on the complement of the informative context with the visual and auditory elements such as character, sound, color, rhythm, composition, etc. Therefore, the effectiveness of different types of advertising can be represented as a set of components, which are based on the processes of the psychological impact of advertising on the consumer and the quality of their perception (Burns, 2013).

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In 2004, Dove conducted the survey called as “Real Truth about Beauty”, the main purpose of which was to define what beauty means for modern women (Vega, 2013). It was found that only 2% of women consider themselves beautiful, and only 13% of the respondents are satisfied with their physical form. For 65% of women the concept of “beauty” is not confined to external appearance while 75% of women would like the media to reflect the real female beauty, depicting it on a par with conventional models and women of different ages and body types (Gray, 2013).

A part of the global campaign is used through the variety of communication channels including TV, press, outdoor advertising, Internet projects, and special public events. Therefore, the brand started working with women helping them to develop their individuality and resist the unattainable perfect media culture that surrounds the modern society (Lee, 2008). Almost all the advertising campaign materials of Dove White Beauty Bar Soap are always localized. The brand always uses the images of typical women for the specific region.

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The mission of the Dove promotional campaigns implies the indication of real beauty. It is aimed to make women feel more beautiful every day by widening stereotypical vision of beauty and inspiring them to care more about themselves. Dove sees beauty in the imperfections and does not worship the stereotypes. Dove Beauty is based on the ability of the person to the self-identification. Dove White Beauty Bar Soap promotes the idea of smart beautiful. Dove recognizes not only external but also the internal beauty of the individuals. The real beauty of women can be seen in the character lurking in her eyes as well as in the persistence of personality and vitality. Dove’s alternative images of beauty can affect the mind and hearts of the target audience as they are absolutely opposite to the existing beauty canons (Young, 2013).

Dove promotion strategy is supported by the articles and statements of renowned photographers, journalists, and ordinary women on the topic of female beauty, as well as an interesting flash-game depicting victory over the complexes. Dove White Beauty Bar Soap is promoted through outdoor, television, and print advertising, which encourages women to visit the official website of the campaign as well as take part in the vote about the essence of beauty on the website or toll-free hotline.

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