November 27, 2018

Critical Article Review

Nowadays, many people are faced with the problem of writing a review of a scientific article. Especially often, students and researchers have this need. A review is an essay that has a clear outline and must have specific content. It may be written as an essay. In this case, the author describes his or her impressions of the book. An essay is most often written in the form of lyrical reflection. A small journalistic or critical abstract may also be presented as a review of the article. An example of such a work can be found in scientific journals, where current social problems are discussed.

How to Write a Scientific Article Review

The most important rule that every writer has to learn is that the review should always be well-grounded. A reader who studies a work can simply express his or her thought with the words “I like” or “I don’t like,” “I believe” or “I do not believe.” However, in the scientific analysis of the text, the opinion of the author must be supported by arguments and evidence.






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If a researcher suggests a hypothesis, which is opposite to the opinion of the author of the article being analyzed, he or she must justify it. However, it is important to remember that a review is only a short analysis of an article or a book. In such a work, abstract judgments about other articles, books, and so on are unacceptable.

Essay Structure

This paper, like any other essay, should consist of three main elements (introduction, the body of the text and conclusions). In the introduction, it is worthwhile to acquaint readers with the general content of the article and to tell about the problem issues, which the author analyzes.

In the body of the text, it is necessary to investigate the theories and hypotheses presented in the work. You should determine how important they are. Any statement must be of some scientific value. Check the relevance of the arguments. Pay special attention to the quotes and the correctness of their formatting. Identify the shortcomings of the text and write about them in your work.


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Argue Your Comments and Give Examples

In the conclusion of your essay, you need to assess the article. You have to mention whether you consider it successful or unsuccessful, whether it is essential for the society. Remember that the introduction and conclusions should be small in volume.

Errors and Inaccuracies in the Text

You should remember that a scientific article cannot have good reviews and assessments if it contains many grammatical and punctuation errors. Check the text of the publication. First, quickly read it and analyze the text as a whole. Identify stylistic errors. Then explore each sentence separately, paying attention to the incorrect spelling of words and to the use of punctuation marks. Note also the appropriateness of terminology. Learn whether the author used the correct style of speech. If you notice any inaccuracies, write about them and indicate how the writer could improve this article.

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