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A successful movie critique is an informative and complete review of a particular movie. Movie review writing is something an art form. The writer needs patience and understanding in order to provide a bias-free opinion regarding a movie. The primary purpose of a critique is to provide readers with sufficient information about a movie to enable them to decide if they should watch it or not. Do you know how to critique a movie and write an effective movie critique essay?

Those who know how to write a film critique paper understand that it requires immersing yourself in the movie, paying attention to the subtle details, and understanding how to analyze a film in the context of the genre as a whole or based on the contemporary thought of the time. In other words, writing a film critique is a real challenge that few students are capable of handling. Fortunately, the professionals at know exactly how to write a film analysis that gets you the grades you need, and can provide you with effective tips and tricks that will definitely help you write a solid, successful and catchy movie critique essay.

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What Is a Movie Critique?

Movie critique is an informative review of a certain movie. Writing a movie critique essay requires person’s understanding, commitment, patience, as well as unbiased opinion regarding the chosen movie or film. The main idea of a decent movie critique paper is to give future readers some piece of info about the film, so that they can take a decision for themselves whether to see it or not.

Writing a movie critique, the author is supposed to include a piece of evidence or details regarding what the movie is about, his/ her assessment of the success or failure of this film, based on the data gathered. Therefore, it is more than a movie synopsis of the film / movie. For the author, a movie critique writing implies presenting his/her personal considerations, points of view or opinions about the movie based on the pleasure, interest, frustration, disgust, surprise, disappointment, or any other kinds of emotions or feelings that this piece of art evokes.

Writing a movie critique means to offer your insight and opinion on what was wrong with the movie and what made it special/interesting and intriguing to watch. There’s always something you like about movies and something you don’t: you may think that the plot was good, but the special effects were horrible – think about all of the possible film production stages and try to look at all of them critically.

The general guidelines on how to write a film critique essay are as follows:

  • Choose a film.
  • Specify the points and issues you are going to analyze and discuss in your essay.
  • Watch the film several times: first time – to get a general idea of it; second time – to pay attention to the points that come into your sphere of interest and/or to note the details you weren’t able to notice the first time.
  • Take notes while watching.
  • Try to be objective
  • Try to be specific.

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Top Tips on Creating a Movie Critique Essay

Writing an effective movie critique essay means learning what information to include and at what stages to include it.

  • Make a note of all critical facts and important moments in the movie as you watch it. Name the main actors and key performers, the movie producer, and its director. Describe also these three key stages of the storyline’s development: the story’s beginning, its climax, and its ending.
  • Review your notes before you start writing and select important parts to highlight.
  • A good movie critique also means identifying the readers your writing is aimed at. Choose a tone to suit your intended audience.
  • Start your critique in a way that grabs readers’ attention. This could mean recalling an important moment or referring to a memorable quote from the movie.
  • Refer to some of the movie’s most important players, which may mean the director, producer, or actors. If readers notice a familiar name, it is more probable they will continue reading. You should also mention the movie’s title in full. Once you have covered these aspects, the introductory paragraph is complete.
  • The next stage in writing a movie critique is to create the middle or body section (usually comprised of one to three paragraphs), and here you should describe the movie’s basic storyline. Draw attention to important scenes and how characters develop.
  • Talk about the movie’s climax in the body paragraphs. However, you should not reveal too much of the story.
  • End your movie critique essay by offering your own opinion. As well as wanting to know your opinion, readers will want to know why you formed those opinions, so set out your reasons for thinking a movie is good or bad.

Every film critique has a similar structure: an introductory section, a main body, and a concluding section, to include a thesis sentence. A clearly-written thesis statement lets readers know what the critique will cover.

Professors tend to give students film critique assignments for two primary reasons. Firstly, it enables professors to see if students understand the subject and how attentive they are. Secondly, it allows professors to see if students are able to form a well-reasoned opinion and a sound argument against or in favor of the movie.

The movie critique help provided above is designed to make it easier for students to complete their assignments. Yet, if it is the case you still feel that critique writing is not for you, feel free to contact Our company would be delighted to welcome you as a customer. We would like to introduce the main features of our writing service to you.

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The Keys to Writing a Film Critique Essay of High Quality

If you are facing the need to compose a critical review of some film for your class, you need to know the basics of dealing with this type of tasks. First, you should realize that writing such paper demands your focused attention during film watching, so it is nothing like the leisure movie nights you are used to. Second, retelling the plot is not about a critique, but rather about a general analysis of the movie in general and its ideas in specific. Finally, your writing needs to correspond to the requirements of your instructor and comply with referencing and formatting rules of your college. Besides, it is needless to mention how important the absence of plagiarism is, as everyone knows, how dangerous the copied parts of writing are for one’s academic career.

Apart from these ground rules, here are some secrets that can help you to make your paper more efficient:

  • It is often a good idea to watch the movie once and then do it again after a few days, to get a fresh perception and notice new subtle aspects;
  • While watching, take notes about your impressions and emotions, and mention them later in your paper;
  • Try to decode the author’s messages behind the story: what did they want to convey? What did the author want the viewers to feel? Did he managed to achieve this effect?
  • Do not retell the plot: too many details do not work for you in this type of assignment;
  • Before writing, make some research about the film creation: it often reveals interesting details and facts and explains the tools that the director has used;
  • Analyze the film genre and how it corresponds to the frame of this genre. Provide the list of the features that have helped you put this piece of art in a certain category.
  • Illustrate your paper with quotations from the movie: they will prop up your arguments in the essay;
  • Provide your personal opinion about everything in the film: a critique is not a paper where you can stay neutral, so do not be afraid to show your feelings and emotions.

Writing a Movie Critique Essay: The Questions Each Writer Should Answer

After you read a bunch of articles on how to write a film critique essay it might still be challenging for you to create a powerful and convincing paper. If you experience a writer’s block and do not know where to start, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is this a movie adaptation of a book, an original story or true story? In case this is an adaptation, how effectively does it convey the original idea?
  • Are there unique characters in the movie?
  • Was the cast choice successful?
  • What is the central theme of the movie?
  • Were the locations suitable for the story?
  • Does the music help set the appropriate mood?
  • How effective or ineffective is the cinematography in general and the movie in particular?
  • Which character is the most impressive?
  • Did the filmmakers use any notable technology?

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