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Students get numerous assignments of different nature on a daily basis. Thus, getting confused by the rules and standards that have to be followed is quite easy. One of the writing projects which students have to produce is an article critique. Since article critique writing, that has a rather specific character, is not a regular assignment, the question “What is an article critique?” often pops into students’ minds. So, let’s clarify the matter to make everything clear.

Before talking about the peculiarities of an article critique assignment, we’d like to tell you that you can always order it from our article critique writing service if you find your writing skills poor and the very task rather complicated. Our team would be pleased to help you cope with such a piece of writing.

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Definition of an Article Critique?

If you desire to find out how to critique an article, you have to fully understand what such a piece of writing implies. Generally speaking, an article critique presents both a detailed analysis of a specific work of any genre and your viewpoint on the matter. Such a paper has also to provide a concise summary of the work in question and the data about its author if required. Reading your paper, readers should clearly identify the:

  • Principal points of an article;
  • Author’s ideas and objectives;
  • Strong and weak points of the work under consideration.

When working on this assignment, you have to explain to readers whether or not the author of the examined work bases it on straightforward facts and strong arguments. Writing an article critique, you should keep your tone neutral and language – formal. As to the structure, it has to be rigid and include such sections as an introduction, body, and conclusion.

In case you have no idea about how to write an article critique, what writing style to apply to it, how to make smooth transitions between the sections, etc., contact us for help. We have already completed a large number of such assignments and know what aspects to consider to achieve the desired outcome.

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Explicit Guidelines as to How to Write an Article Critique

The process of writing an article critique is not complicated if you know what stages it includes, of course. One more thing that is essential for a successful final result is good writing skills, not talking about the awareness of the specifics of critical analysis. We have compiled at able including helpful instructions as to how to write an article critique. Take a look at this table to know exactly what the writing procedure implies.

Devote enough time to reading You have to read an article carefully to understand it fully and be able to gather substantial evidence to support your personal opinion. If you don’t understand some points, read it once more.
Jot down important notes Once the first-time reading is over, you should do it again to write down some helpful information which you will use in your paper. For example, you may highlight some useful quotes, arguments, etc.
Write an outline Transform the gathered information, i.e. your notes, into a logical outline. The points, which you have written down at the previous stage, may be used as topic sentences in the body section.
Express your opinion Sum up the discussed ideas and points and explain whether you find the work under examination engaging or not. Make your sure your opinion is supported with concrete facts.

In case you have referred to outside sources when writing an article critique, you need to mention those on the reference page. Aren’t you not good at citing sources? Don’t worry! You can address us to hire a professional writer who knows how to critique an article properly regardless of its type.

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Formatting and Structuring Article Critiques

The tips provided above are not the only ones which you should consider to know how to write an article critique. You should also be aware of the formatting and structuring details. So, unless otherwise specified by your professor, your paper should include:

  • Introduction. This section has to provide the basic data about the article and highlight the author’s fundamental points. No summary should be made here. Take a critical approach to writing this section.
  • Thesis statement. It should illustrate the core point of the work under analysis or its methodology if it goes about a research article critique.
  • Purpose. It has to be presented in the body section. You are to test the author’s ideas against the common knowledge and see which of them are important for achieving the set purpose.
  • Extra references. If you are to evaluate a research article, you may need to refer to the relevant research projects, papers, etc. to underline the significance of the used methodology before expressing your viewpoint.
  • Summary with your point of view. This is the concluding part where you are to not only summarize the major points but also present your opinion. You need to not just say that you either like or dislike the article.

Your task is to explain what emotions a specific work has evoked, whether it has helped you see the discussed matter from a new perspective, etc.

Depending on the requirements, you may need to set another structure. As to the format, you need to adhere to the guidelines related to the citation style specified by your professor.

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How to Write an Article Critique: Comparing a Research Article with a Journal One

It is essential to differentiate between these two types of articles not to fail to fail the assigned task. So what is the difference between them? Have a look at eh points listed below:

Research Article

  • Provides primary sources;
  • Includes an introduction, information about the used methods, surveys, samples, research results, discussion of the findings, abstract;
  • Explains whether the used sources support or disapprove the discussed theories and concepts.

Journal Article

  • Presents secondary sources;
  • Provides a summary of information rather than the results of the conducted research;
  • Shows the importance of the examine topic to the general public.

In case you do not have a clue about how to write any of these critiques, what writing style to follow, what tone to apply and what language to use, address us. We are ready to help you critique an article of any kind.

Writing an Article Critique Assignment: Common Errors to Avoid

Despite all the provided instructions and tips, it is necessary to say that doing an article critique assignment is not easy. Unfortunately, many students create just a summary of the assigned article and, therefore, fail their task. This is only one of the mistakes that are usually made by those involved in producing article critiques. Below, there is a list of the common errors committed by students working on such writing projects:

  • Only negative critique. To make an objective evaluation of a specific work, you need to highlight its both positive and negative features.
  • Too much background data. Since the majority of readers know what the work under analysis is concentrated on, there is no need to include an excessive amount of information about the topic and publishing data.
  • Lack of the chief argument. Instead of presenting the main argument, students make a summary of the publication. Nevertheless, the core idea (argument) is an essential element that should be introduced at the beginning of your work so that readers are aware of your stance on the issue.

Creating article critiques is considered one of the most challenging tasks. At the same time, it is very useful for students as it teaches them to analyze other projects and formulate their own opinion about the discussed subjects. Moreover, when doing an article critique assignment, students learn to collect information in support of their ideas. If you mind the items listed above, you will manage to compose a good article critique paper. In you eel unable to cope with this kind of assignment on your own, you can get help online at

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Aspects to Consider When Choosing a Good Article Critique Writing Service

Cooperating with a dependable writing company, you have a chance to get the assignments completed according to your specifications. The only thing you need to do is pick that reliable agency. Here are the points which you should pay attention to when looking for a writing service:

  • Prices. Avoid cooperating with the agencies that offer too low prices. Such companies are not likely to provide top-notch papers.
  • Citation styles. Reputable companies can deal with different formats such as MLA, Chicago, APA, etc.
  • Refund policy. Check whether the company you intend to order papers from has a refund policy. Trustworthy services do have such program.
  • Feedback. Read the comments left by previous customers to see whether they were satisfied with the provided services and the quality of the delivered assignments.

Considering these points, it will be easier for you to find a decent company. However, you should not waste your time searching for it since you are already on a reliable website which you can order papers from and be sure of the finest outcome.

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How to Order an Article Critique

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How to Receive Article Critique Help from Our Team

To obtain a supreme piece of writing from, you are just supposed to go through a few stages. We realize that students are often short of time. That is why we have made the ordering process very simple. Hence:

  1. Give us broad guidelines about how to compose your paper. Provide information about the topic, deadline, number of pages, format, writing style to be applied, etc.
  2. Pay for your work. Once the payment is verified, one of our specialists will be assigned to your critique.
  3. Your writing project is checked for plagiarism to ensure that you will be delivered an immaculate work.
  4. Download your paper from your personal cabinet once the due date comes.

By purchasing article critiques online from us, you will be able to sigh with relief and forget about your complex academic tasks. Your work will meet all requirements concerning the writing style, format, spacing, etc. We can cover any topics and provide you with a profound writing project.

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