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After you have finished your grand dissertation paper, you should keep in mind that you need to compose an abstract for the paper, which is a brief and concise summary of what the dissertation discusses. Even though the abstract is written last – only when the whole dissertation is complete, – the abstract is the very first part that your readers will come across when they start reading your dissertation paper. Since it should be appealing and capturing enough, many students seek dissertation abstract help from more professional and skilled writers, especially those who have vast experience in writing dissertation abstracts.

Normally, the abstract page is placed after the title page and the acknowledgments section. The main purpose of dissertation abstract writing is to provide a brief and succinct dissertation overview and draw readers’ attention to the core aspects outlined in the paper. Despite the fact that many students underestimate the role of the abstract and consider it as a useless paper section, failing to provide one may negatively affect the overall score for the dissertation. Moreover, if to think globally, without the abstract, the readers will not know what the dissertation is about, what its topic is, what its main findings are, etc. As such, they will not investigate further into the matter and the dissertation will be left unnoticed. Otherwise, if you have a properly written abstract, it makes your dissertation recognized as many students and peer researchers can address it and even cite it in their own works.

Therefore, if you feel that abstract writing is difficult for you and it will be hard for you to fit the contents of your huge dissertation into one page, feel free to seek dissertation abstract help from our dissertation abstract service Fresh-Essay.com. With the help of our writers, you will make the dissertation impeccable and your work will be brilliant to get the excellent grade. Still, you need to be careful about choosing the writer. Be sure that the service you are using is credible and trustworthy and that the writers employed there are sheer professionals. If you tend to seek help from our dissertation abstract writing services, be sure that only top-notch writers, who are qualified and competent in dissertation writing, will be there to help you.

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How to Write an Abstract for a Dissertation

When students are planning how to write a dissertation, the abstract often comes to them as an afterthought. The entire project is finished and now there are only a few hundred words to deal with. However, the abstract turns out to be one of the most important parts of your thesis or dissertation. If it is done well, it provides a synopsis of your work and encourages your readers to read the entire dissertation.

The following elements should be included in a good abstract:

  • A statement of the issue or problem that you are exploring, including why research on this topic is necessary
  • The purpose of your study
  • The research methods that were used
  • The key research results/findings
  • The summary of the main conclusions and recommendations

Note that various institutions often have different requirements for abstract writing, therefore, it is better to check with your professor and department before beginning.

When students are writing dissertation abstracts, they should find the balance between a large amount and small amount of information. You need the readers to be able to review the abstract and get an overall sense of what you have done in your project.

While writing an abstract for dissertation, you may keep the following points in mind:

  1. Whether the focus of your research is clear and identified;
  2. Whether you have presented your rationale behind the study;
  3. Whether you have provided a summary of your main results/findings;
  4. Whether you have included your main conclusions and recommendations;
  5. Is the way that you’ve conducted your research evident?

In some cases, you may be required to include some keywords as well. You should make sure that these keywords are specifically related to the research you’ve conducted. We recommend that you stay away from generic terms in your research and provide a specific focus on what you have actually done.

Lastly, you should avoid using too many acronyms in your piece of writing. Your abstract will appeal to a wide audience, so it is extremely important to make it understandable to this audience in order to achieve success.

All in all, writing a good abstract equals writing a good dissertation; one must present a well-written, organized and logical synopsis which clearly demonstrates what the research has achieved. Now, keeping such an objective in mind, you can successfully proceed with your abstract. However, should you ever need some skilled assistance of an experienced dissertation writer, you are more than welcome to hire one at Fresh-Essay.com.

Types of Abstracts

There are two types of abstracts – one is descriptive, and another is informative. These two types of abstract writings have different aims, components and styles. There is a third type of abstract which is called critical, but it is rarely used. If you someone needs to write a critical content on a critical research topic, this type of critical dissertation abstract writing is required.

If you are not sure about which type of abstract writing you should use, taking an expert’s suggestion is the best in this respect. As he holds many years of experience and knowledge in this field, he can better suggest the type of writing considering the research topic. 

Type Description

Descriptive abstracts

Descriptive abstract indicates the type of information found in work. It does not include a judgement about the work nor draws any conclusion of the research work. It mainly incorporates certain keywords in the writing which makes the content easily searchable.

Along with this, the methods, purpose and scope of the research are also included in the content to make the piece worth attention-grabbing. Therefore, a descriptive abstract is considered very important. Some people consider it as the outline of the work whereas others consider it as a summary. Descriptive contents are basically short type contents which include 100 words or less than it.

Informative abstracts

Informative abstracts are more popular than descriptive abstracts. They do not critique or evaluate a work rather they describe in a detailed manner. An informative abstract substitute itself for the work and thus, it makes easy for the writer to explain and describe all the articles and informative easily in order to complete the paperwork.

An informative abstract includes all those methods and purpose which are found in the descriptive abstract. Besides this, it includes research, recommendations and conclusion as well. The length of the content varies as per the research work of the writer but an informative abstract should be a bit lengthy and must contain more detail information about the subject.

Critical (evaluative) abstracts

Unlike the previous two, critical abstracts evaluate and/or offer analysis on the paper’s findings and provide an overview of the paper. These abstracts are typically longer, extending to about 400 to 500 words because of analytical commentary. Further, they can refer to outside information to compare and contrast, which informative and descriptive abstracts do not include.

Reasons Why Students Need Our Dissertation Abstract Help

Students encounter various difficulties that may urge them seek for online dissertation abstract assistance. Some of the most widespread reasons why students rely on professional writing help are the following:

  1. Numerous home assignments from different disciplines. Usually, due to academic burdens, many students are actually worn-out and they suffer from fatigue. Therefore, to have at least time for proper sleep, they have no other option but to seek help online.
  2. Family life and work. Some students have to combine studying with work or family life. At times when some unexpected situations or emergencies happen, online writing help is the best they could find in order to maintain their good grades.
  3. Slow writing or writer’s block. Many students may suffer from writer’s block, i.e. when they are simply lost for ideas on what to write about and how to write. Even though they me overall skilled students, it may be close to impossible to start writing.
  4. Inability to write good texts and conduct quality research. Even if you think that mastering writing may be easy, there are some people that find it next to impossible. Really, there are students who are simply bad at writing no matter what they do. Even when it comes to writing a simple one-page abstract, they may face immense difficulties. Therefore, it is prudent in such cases to search for online dissertation abstract help.

Writing Dissertation Abstracts: Proofreading and Editing Help at Fresh-Essay.com

Many students also make all the necessary efforts to be confident that their chapter is ready for submission by using professional editing services. It is vital to have a fresh set of eyes to read your finished chapter and ensure that you have not omitted any significant points and have not made any grammar mistakes. If you want your chapter to be edited or proofread by an expert editor, feel free to ask for our assistance.

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Writing Dissertation Abstracts: Online Company You Can Trust

Fresh-Essay.com provides you with multiple advantages and benefits that you will get once you start cooperating with us:

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  2. Each writer is a specialist in a specific discipline. When hiring writers, we try to make the team versatile. As such, we attract writers specializing in different majors. Therefore, you can address us for help with any paper.
  3. We provide help with paper writing of different academic complexities. You are free to address us whether you are a college, university, Master’s or doctoral level student.
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  6. You are guaranteed to get assistance from properly educated and qualified writers holding a Master’s or a PhD degree.

How to Order a Dissertation Abstract

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How to Place an Order at Fresh-Essay.com

When you need to write a dissertation abstract, be sure that you can rely on us for help. To contact us, please visit our website and send a message to our company administration saying, “Please help me write a dissertation abstract.” The sample dissertation abstract will be delivered to you within the indicated deadline. To place an order, you will need to provide paper details, such as the topic, deadline, length, academic complexity, etc. Afterwards, you will have to proceed with the order and wait till the paper is delivered to your personal cabinet.

Dissertation Abstract Writing Checklist

If you want to gain an insight into how to write a dissertation abstract, you can check your chapter by following the checklist provided below:

  • The word limit has been maintained as per university guidelines.
  • The Aims & Objectives or the Research Problems are stated clearly.
  • Every detail on Primary and secondary data collection has been imprinted.
  • Attained innovative results are summed up in 3 to 4 sentences
  • Conclusion to the entire research process has been stated by the end of the Abstract.
  • Keywords are added at the end of the abstract.

Rely on the Best Dissertation Abstract Writing Service

If you want to impress your professor with a well-written document created in accordance with the latest academic writing criteria, you need to find a trustworthy writing center providing its customers with first-class dissertation abstract writing assistance. Luckily, you have already found a writing team that will help you overcome any obstacles on your way to academic success.

Of course, writing an abstract is not a cup of tea for many students. If you are one of them, do not hesitate to look for a reliable writing assistant, who will take good care of your performance. By allowing us to become your friend in academic writing, you will make a good decision because we know how to save you from stress and anxiety. All in all, we promise that cooperation with our writing service will be a particularly rewarding experience for you that will help you get the long-awaited balance between your studies and personal life. Do not think twice and order our dissertation abstract writing help now!

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