Writing a Breathtaking Cause Effect Essay Is Possible!

Cause-effect essay is a typical writing assignment among students of all levels – high school, college, and university. The primary goal of this task is to show why an action or event happened (causes) and what occurred as a result of it (effects). Professors assign this writing task to see if students are able to logically organize their ideas into a single entity, so that the reader will be able to trace the logical flow of thoughts. If you are not able to meet the deadline or cover the instructions of your essay writing, you are welcome to ask writers at Fresh-Essay.com to complete this task instead of you. Our company was created with an intention of making students’ life easier. Therefore, if you are tired of the hectic academic days and enormous workload, we will be more than happy to help you.

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Outstanding Essay Topics

If you do not know which topic to choose for your essay writing, you are welcome to choose one of the cause and effect essay topics from the list below:

  • Causes and effects of drug usage.
  • Causes and effects of obesity on body functioning.
  • The most common reasons of global warming.
  • Why the divorce rates increase every year in the US?
  • The reasons of poverty in the developing countries.
  • Why teenagers are prone to the game addition?
  • What are the real cases of pollution?

If you would like to submit an essay for an A grade, you have to check cause and effect essay examples. Sometimes professors provide sample papers along with the task file, so that students will know what writing cause and effect papers presumes. If not, please see how to differentiate between the “cause” and “effect” of the event: Cause:

  • My PC is slow.


  • I will not be able to work on my research paper.

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While explaining how to write cause and effect essay, your professor can show you that there might be multiple causes and effects. Our writers have created a clear example of how it looks like: Causes:

  • My mother is angry at me because I got an F in chemistry.
  • I did not help her to clean the house.
  • She says that my behavior is too childish.


  • My mom won’t allow me to hang out with friends for a week or even more.

On the contrary, you can choose a different approach towards dealing with cause and effect essay. You can describe one single cause and multiple effects. It is always advisable to create a cause and effect essay outline if you do not want to overlook some important details in your essay. It will not take much time, but outline writing usually increases the chances of attaining the highest grade.


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Your cause and effect essays should reflect a clear purpose of writing. You should know for sure if your professor asks you to inform or persuade readers. If there are too many causes and effects, you should limit yourself to 4-5 of them because an abundance of ideas will distract the reader from the key discussion. Moreover, you should adhere to one of the organizational patterns, namely:

  • Chronological;
  • Categorical;
  • Order of importance.

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