Writing Expository Essays Is an Art

The expository paper is a kind of academic writing that requires a writer to investigate a brilliant idea, find the supportive evidence, expand on the idea as well as organize the thoughts in a concise and clear way. In order to create a good expository essay paper, a student may use the various techniques such as analysis, contrast and comparison, the causes and effects, definition, and many others. As you may see, writing a good expository essay may apply various approaches, and it is widely assigned to the students as a tool for the evaluation of the student’s knowledge. Very often, the expository essays are a part of examinations. Usually, students fail their grades by submitting the expository essay examples available online as their own. We offer you a wiser solution – learn the following secrets and improve your writing skills!

The structure of the expository paper can be supported by the following elements:

  • A clear thesis statement that points to the main problem of the essay.

It is vitally important to put the thesis statement at the end of the introductory paragraph. It should be narrowed to one or two sentences and contain the main idea of the paper. If the learner fails to create a good thesis statement, it will be difficult to follow his or her idea throughout the essay.

  • Logical and smooth transitions between the main parts of the paper, namely introduction, body, and conclusion.

Transitions are very important in academic writing since sometimes it is very difficult to understand what the writer is trying to say. A good essay should contain the transition words and should be clearly divided into the paragraphs.

  • Body paragraphs with the evidence of ground research.

The main student’s problem is submitting the essay with no preparation. However, we assure you that a good expository essay needs much more than several hours surfing on the web. It needs ground research as well as the presence of reliable sources. These sources should serve as the evidence of your idea. Also, you may use the books or articles that argue your ides. We assure you that choosing the best one from a variety of expository essay topics will help you get good grades.



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  • Your creativity will help you get a few additional points!

Be sure to include only fresh ideas and creative thoughts in your paper. The artfulness and creativity will help you impress your professor. Forget about using the examples of expository essays as your own! Remember, you may not have excellent writing skills, but you can always leave positive impression of your work!

  • A good conclusion that is not just the repeating of introduction, but an independent unit that is able to explain why the essay is worth reading.
  • We assure you that a conclusion is the most important part of your paper because it can either leave a positive impression or ruin it. Do not include brand new information into conclusion. Everything mentioned in conclusion should readdress all the key points discussed in the paper. For your convenience, you may compare your written assignment with the example of expository essay available online.

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Learn more about a 5 Paragraph Paper

The most common structure that is applied for writing an academic paper is the 5 paragraph essay. Sometimes, its variations may include the abstract or appendix but the most well-known structure is as following:

  1. Introduction with a clear thesis statement in the end.
  2. The first evidentiary body paragraph.
  3. The second evidentiary body paragraph.
  4. The third evidentiary body paragraph.
  5. Conclusion with the restated thesis.

Perhaps, it will be helpful to discuss your sample expository essay with one of your friends or classmates. We assure you that it will be easier to see its flaws and shortcomings. You should be sure that you submit a totally unique and original paper. Your arguments used to support your essay should be clear. If your professor sees the professional approach to work, you will easily achieve the best results. Accomplishing an expository essay requires not only perfect writing and organizational skills; it also requires endless inspiration and love to writing. Learn carefully the tips for the effective essay writing stated above and you will not have any problems with expository essays writing!