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From time to time, every student wonders how to write a good essay. Even after the work is ready, they doubt whether it is good or not. Oftentimes, they just hope for the best and submit the essay as it is.

However, it is better to stop and check whether you have chosen good essay topics and whether the essay is well written before pressing the SEND button. Here are simple but effective ways to do it.

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1. Put the paper aside and then try reading it afresh in two or three days. This method will help you to be impartial about your work. You should ensure the following:

  • the essay is coherent and there is smooth flow between paragraphs;
  • the paper holds your reader’s interest from the very beginning till its end. The audience should be excited reading your essay and not get bored. It is very important to understand how to start a good essay. Still, remembering to keep your reader’s attention till the writing finishes is essential as well;
  • the paper contains some positive things about you;
  • you have covered all parts of the task;
  • you like your writing even after reading it for the second time.

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2. Try reading your paper out loud.

Good essays sound well. While reading your paper out loud, you should not stumble over any phrases or words. If it happens, check the word choices and sentence structure and try revising such places. Then read your paper aloud once again to make sure it sounds fine. Remember that good essays should not have any bumpy places.

3. Now stop and ask yourself whether you have included all details in you writing.

Try creating a list of points that the audience should know about you. A good college essay should contain positive information about you. For example, if you want to tell that you are friendly and creative, you should incorporate the appropriate details in order for the reader to understand it. Review your piece of writing carefully and slowly to make sure that those details are included.

It may happen that the idea that is clear to you may be not very clear to your readers. This is rather problematic for writers as they may be very close to what they have written but they may encounter difficulties in expressing it. Therefore, you should create a list of essential points that have to be in your essay and then ask an adult to read your paper. Then ask them to clarify whether they have understood those points from your writing. If they did not, you should revise your paper and try to incorporate those points.

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4. Imagine that you are a college reader.

Writing a good essay is a rather hard task. Therefore, let’s imagine the following situation. You are a college admission officer whose name is Mike. Mike does not know you. Mike has already read many essays today and there were a few very dull ones.

Here are some questions that you need to ask yourself:

  • Will the introduction of my essay capture Mike’s interest?
  • Did I choose an engaging way to tell the story, or has Mike read the same thing for a hundred times already?
  • Is this a unique and original story?
  • Is my personality presented well in the essay?
  • Are there some interesting details included?
  • Does the writing say positive things about me?
  • Will Mike consider me to be a worthy member of the college community?

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Now you know 4 effective ways to check your essay. Based on this, it should be clear how to write a good essay. Take your time before sending your paper and check it using the 4 methods listed above.

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