How to Write a Wonderful Common App Essay

If you are a high school senior, then the topic of a common app essay is very relevant to you. So, it is necessary for you to start early. It may even be advisable to begin thinking about college applications at the beginning of your junior year summer. So many applicants try to get in colleges yearly that you have very small chances of being as successful as you wish to be. In addition, you have to remember that the admissions board tests more than just your GPA; they are interested in you as an individual, and so a common app essay may be a good way to show your character strengths.

When writing personal essays, you have to remember that these papers will reveal what type of person you are to somebody who does not know you at all. Therefore, common app essays are to be treated very seriously – if you want to get into the school of your choice, you will have to be honest and original as a writer. Make sure that you spend enough time analyzing admission questions and pondering over your response. You will also have to spend a fair amount of time editing and proofreading your paper.


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Distinctive Features of a Common App Essay

When applying to the school of your choice, you have to do more than just send a common application essay. The best universities always require supplemental papers, responses or awards from the applicant. For that reason, you really have to understand what your talents are and how to use them in your best interests. You may use common app essay examples, which will help you stand out as a worthy. However, you also have to focus on your interests, background as well as talents. You may share your sources of motivation and inspiration with the admission board because this topic will definitely spark your interest and make you write creatively.

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From time to time, we all face failures. As part of common app essay prompts, students are very often asked to describe a recent failure and their feelings connected with it. In such case, make sure that you analyze the situation well and think rationally. Write down what you have learned and how you have grown. Additionally, you can acknowledge that failures make us stronger and more rational, even though they cause momentary stress.

On the other hand, you may be asked to describe how you have once defended your position. Common app essay questions can be tricky, so make sure that you do not get trapped. Explain what you believe in and how you once had an argument, but you were behaving rationally and attacking an idea, not a person. Make sure to mention that arguments are a vital part of life and they promote intelligence. Explain why you believe and what you believe, and make sure to respect your opponent and his ideas.

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You may also be asked to describe some problem or challenge and your way of tackling it. When writing on common app essay topics that are very personal, make sure to explain your experiences clearly and articulate issues well. Do not be deceived by the scale of the issue; it can be insignificant as long as you have learned from it. It can be a problem of global or country scale, or it can be a personal dilemma that has been bugging you for years. You can explore various options of solving this issue, even those that you have not considered at a time. You can also evaluate them to establish what you could have done differently. Such response would show that you are a deep thinker and a person of great abilities. It also reveals your values and perceptions. The admission committee will be impressed to know that you are a learner and a real person who is concerned with various problems.

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